Our mission is to restore silence in everyday life. For this purpose, we are developing two innovative technological solutions that will allow for a huge improvement in the acoustic properties of space, industrial machines and household appliances.

The passive solution Silencions is a specially designed structure that allows you to control the way sound propagates through the material.

Since the principle of operation of our technology is based not on the acoustic properties of the material itself, but on a specially designed shape of the structure, it can be produced from theoretically any raw materials, including recycled ones.

Ready solutions can therefore be, for example, transparent, non-flammable, resistant to mechanical damage or even made of wood.

Compared to standard acoustic technologies, the Silencions structure:
– It’s light and thin.
– It has the ability to adjust its shape to a muted object.
– It’s effective also for low frequencies.
-It’s not a heat insulator and does not block the air flow.

Thanks to all these advantages, our product offers unprecedented effectiveness of noise and vibration suppression, and will also provide silence where previously traditional acoustic solutions could not be used.

Our solution is perfect for:
– household appliances (washing machines, vacuum cleaners, food processors, dryers, etc.),
– industrial machines (power generators, compressors),
– machines that are part of production lines (jigsaws, machine tools, robots),
– engines (motor, car, aviation, outboard),
– transport (trains, planes, cars, boats).

Soon our passive solution will be sold in the form of acoustic panels for the construction industry, personalized solutions for the engineering industry and an integrated solution for your household appliances.

Our second solution is an active noise reduction system, which is based on machine learning and designed to work in unfavorable conditions. Unlike other active systems on the market, the Silencions system allows the reduction of low and medium frequency sounds in industrial settings and makes optimal use of machine learning to reduce system latency even for suddenly changing acoustic signals.

System versions have been developed to work in many different environments, including:
– ventilation ducts,
– industrial machines such as CNC machine tools,
– portable machining and electromechanical devices.

A passive solution combined with an active solution can be the answer to all noise problems that exist in an industrial environment.

The above solution is currently at the research stage, therefore we cordially invite you to cooperate in the form of a Proof of Concept in order to develop and adapt the product to the specific requirements of a given industry.