PNPTC (Plug and Play Tech Center) Batch X Startup Packet in Stuttgart and the United States

One of them is Plug and Play, a global innovation platform. Based in Silicon Valley, one of the world’s largest startup accelerators.

Silencions is on the list of 102 startups selected for Plug’s Fall 2020 Batches and is one of 20 joining Plug and Play’s New Materials & Packaging program.

In the past, this accelerator has raised such companies as Google, PayPal, Dropbox and LendingClub.

This ultimate innovation platform brings together the best start-ups and the world’s largest corporations. Above all, it’s a great honor, and another chance to grow and go global. For the past few weeks we have been participating in mentoring sessions that have given us the opportunity to gain new knowledge, experience, advice on how to build networks and partnerships with large companies around the world.