Silencions at European Tech and Start-up Days 2020!

European Tech and Start-up Days is an event where global brad creator, business visionaries and discoverers meet. It is room within European Economic Congress in Katowice, Poland, which links young entrepreneurs with experts, executives of mature companies, investors and businessmen from various industries.

The contest Start-up Challenge is part of the event. This year, nearly 250 start-ups registered for the competition. As you can imagine, we couldn’t miss out.

Initially, we were included in to the top 100 of the most promising young innovative firms to make it to the final 18 in the next stage. Three most interesting start-ups qualified for each of the six categories. Ours was Tradition & Modernity, where the competition was fierce. It was heating up all the more due to a large audience. Over three thousand attendees turned up in person for the congress and more than 100 thousands watched the event online! Many of them came to see the contest pitches. We’re delighted that we could present our idea to such a prominent audience.

No wonder that many took an interest in our unique technology. Noise is a side-product of civilisation, where silence becomes a scarce resource. Research showed that every fifth of us suffers from a noise level well above the current regulations. Ignoring this issue can have a negative impact not only on our health but also on the environment. The problem of noise assumes massive proportions and must be faced sooner rather than later.

Silencions technology can really change the world! Our novel solution attains unprecedented levels of noise and vibration cancellation without adding up a mass or requiring power supply. Our vision is to improve the quality of people’s lives by reducing the noise pollution. We are aiming at deadening vehicles, construction machines and home appliances, among other things.

Our idea met with an exceptionally enthusiastic reception during the European Economic Congress. We were declared one of the programme winners and received a special prize, an investment consulting package from the Katowice Special Economic Zone. We’re extremely grateful for this distinction. Our presence during the congress also triggered a few TV interview enquiries, which we were delighted to answer. We are indebted for this superb opportunity to present our solution and for its avid appreciation. We came back home from Katowice with new business contacts and full of positive energy.


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