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Modern science and engineering cannot do without numerical simulations. The pioneering Silencions technology is no exception. Computer simulations are indispensable in the process of designing and tuning our noise cancelling systems.

Advanced simulations we perform at Silencions allow us to get extremely close to the experimental values. This can be appreciated looking at the research result published by the members of our R&D team: Klara Juros, Maksymilian Gut, and Aleksander Kras. The paper „Kinetic energy and response dynamics considerations of two dimensional thin structure for noise and vibration control: Experimental and simulation results” compares numerical simulations of vibrations in the package Siemens NX/Simcenter with experimental results from a laser vibrometer. High convergence of the experimental and simulated results often lets us neglect the time-consuming and tedious experiments. This is an irreplaceable help during the design and optimisation of the active and passive noise and vibration cancelling systems from Silencions. Thanks to the numerical simulations, we can increase our efficiency and spare time, which lets us better respond to the needs of our clients.

The paper presents a rather simple example of a flat two-dimensional plate. Our R&D experts do equally well when treating much more complex problems. Unfortunately, we cannot present the actual projects we performed for our clients as they are company and trade secrets.

If you are interested in our technology, we would be extremely happy to tell you more about it. Our experts will analyse in-depth your particular application and clearly show how our innovative technology can help you be the leader in your industry. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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